How long does a session take?

I do not put a time limit on sessions aside from Weddings, Senior sessions, Boudoir and Mini sessions! I believe in shooting until I feel we have enough to deliver an ample amount on amazing images! I will work until we have what we need!

When will we recieve our Gallery?

I like to get sneaks to you within 48-72 Hours so you can have something because I know how exciting a session can be and recieving your images! As far as full gallery will be Dependent on the season! Slower seasons such as Winter are usually 4-6 weeks for regular sessions and 6-8 weeks for Weddings! Busier seasons (Fall, Summer and Spring) are 6-8 Weeks for regular sessions and 8-12 weeks for weddings!

What should I wear?

I send out a Family Dressing tip guide whenever a session is booked! This helpful guide will help your with color ideas, how to blend a family together in images with clothes! However, I take pride in always being available to my clients! Never hesitate to send me pictures if you are unsure! It is what I do daily!

What if my kids don't cooperate?

I love getting to know my Clients Children! Even the ones who are stubborn, shy, crying, emotional etc. TRUST ME I have seen children in all forms. In fact I have three beautiful littles of my own who give me a run for my money DAILY! I always go into a session ready to meet new little friends who are just there to play and have a good time, and maybe even have a breakdown or ten haha. I love letting them take the lead and take my time to let them warm up because lets face it I'm a stranger to them. Its their world Im just living in it!!! I have every bit of Patience in the world for them as you should too! The more stressed you get (and I get it bc Im a Parent too) The more they stress and react! Just let me do my thing! <3 The best advice I have to parents is to let them be them especially in group shots. You continue to look at me and I will do everything I can to get them to cooperate. Sometimes Even when they Don't those make the best Photos because they are being THEM <3 Not every moment is perfect in life why should we expect it in a photo :) My goal is to capture every side of your littles in front of my lens!

Where do you typically shoot?

I am strictly an outdoor photographer! I do not have a dedicated indoors studio! I do however offer indoor lifestyle in home photos for families as well! I have a list of locations I prefer to shoot at inside my family session prep guide but I love finding new locations and am always open to suggestions as well!

How many images will we receive?

I do not like to give an image cap! I believe in giving everything that is good and useable from our session! However, I do atleast guarantee 50 digital images on regular sessions and 50 digital images/hour for Weddings packages!

We don’t feel very confident in front of the camera, is that ok?

Yes!!! In fact that is so normal! I prompt my clients and families to get you moving and capture your natural reactions in your images along with the posed! I like to tell a story when I am shooting so you are truly having fun and look back on memories of your session instead of just showing up and smiling for the camera! I also send out a familly session prep guide to better prepare you on what to expect!

What happens if the weather is bad?

I like to message my clients about a week or so before the session when the weather is a little more accurate! From there if there is bad weather in the forecast we will pick a tentative back up date! typically about 24 hours before the session, I will touch base on the weather and I will make a decision on whether to go with our original or back up date! I try my best to make the best call for your families comfortability and what is best for your session and images! Typically reasons for a reschedule would be Winterstorms, storms, Rain or very bad wind!

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