Oh! Hey there!

my name is Tiffany



Hey there yall!!!! Let me take a minute to just introduce myself! My name is Tiffany I am a local Photographer here in the Crawfordsville and surrounding areas! I am also a stay at home Mother of 3 amazing children! Tayton Lee who is my oldest & only boy (Mommas boy), & I also have two beautiful girls Mercy Lee and Georgia Grace. I live for my children and their Daddy Jason! We have been together for almost a decade in love! He is the only person who can drive me absolutely crazy (aside from my kids) and make my heart pound out of my chest! Those four are my reason! I am a lover of animals and I absolutely LOVE children. In fact if they weren't so expensive I would have 10!!! I know I’m CRAZY :) I love crafting as well it puts me at peace! On top of raising my littles, watching my handsome nephew Deacon through the week! I Love wine (Stella Rosa Moscato D’Asti is my JAM) and just relaxing on the weekends with my kiddos and man and sometimes our friends! I am also a big lover of camping, boating, and big fires, and most any kind of music.


Before I became a stay at home Mom in 2013, I was a Beautician for almost 8 years ! I loved my career and what I did but my kiddos have and will always come first! I have always had a passion for creative things, crafting, and I always wanted to get into Photography! We decided for me to stay home because well lets face it....daycare prices are INSANE and I trust less people than the amount of fingers on my hand to watch them!! As much as I had always dreamed of doing Photography, I couldn’t ever afford to take the leap to get myself a camera and just GO FOR IT! So in 2018 when our second daughter was born (she was a bit of a surprise) I realized It was gonna be a while before I can go back to a salon. So I did some intense soul searching and decided after almost 5 years of being home with my kids and being there for them whenever I could I wanted to do something that I can control my schedule so I can always be there for them and eventually one day our Grandkids. I knew what I wanted to do was Photography but I was terrified to invest in myself! What if I fail? What if I suck at it!? After asking so many people for advice, and really just making sure that It was 1000% what I wanted I decided to just follow my heart and purchase my first entry level DSLR camera. It was tough at first because I had to self teach myself everything and still learn on the daily but I fell in love with capturing peoples Memories and special moments in their lives. Now after four years almost I am just living my dream! I put 10000% into every session I do. I love working with people and capturing their intimate moments and honestly just having so much fun with them while they are in front of my camera!


I know its a little risky BUT if you have met me I am a mixture of sweet and Sassy and the name is 1000% me! Book with me and you’ll see! I am a firecracker and a bit of a nut! I'll pretty much do ANYTHING to get a good shot! I love to just have fun and enjoy life ESPECIALLY when I am behind my camera! The name just also reminds me a lot of the love of my life and fiance Jason. He is a big Whiskey man, and I am also a HUGE lover of all things antique and vintage so The lace just FITS as well!

So with all of that being said about me I would Love to get to know you and your family and just have a good time! If you have any questions please feel free to message me and we can chat! If you want a fun, laid back, kick ass girl who will LITERALLY do anything to be sure I capture your most crazy, intimate, fun, sweet, WHATEVER it may be! I’m your girl! Let me capture your bliss 


Tiffany (Owner, Creator, & Photographer for Whiskey & Lace)